Some Things Never Change

There wasn’t much on the official docket for today.  It was really just a day of being with family without any hubbub.  That isn’t to say there was anything wrong with the day at all.  On the contrary. 

In the afternoon, we walked the ditch road to the top of the property. 


We noticed that the pond wasn’t quite a pond anymore.  Bone dry might be the proper term for it.  Mom and Dad did some insta-irrigating while I stayed out of the way. 


 We went home (again, home again, jiggity jig). 


 After a nice outdoor dinner, we watched Masterpiece Theater and had some ice cream.  As usual, Mom used beautiful dishes and Dad wished that the beautiful dishes would hold portions that aren’t quite so dainty.  I didn’t complain too much, because I got to use my favorite spoon. 


Isn’t it odd how the things that you do as a child keep marching on after your life changes in so many other ways?  It seems like everything should change from one stage of life to the next, but it doesn’t.  I still love that spoon, and Mom still thinks she’s keeping Dad healthy by giving him small portions of ice cream.  Dad will never be a fan of that habit.  There’s a quiet yellow lab curled up at our feet, and we retreat to our own rooms to read after family hangout time.  

I like that my favorite things about our family twenty years ago still apply today.  It’s comforting somehow, and it isn’t really about the spoon or the semi-joking disagreements at all.  We enjoy being together, and we don’t have to be doing anything specific to make that true.  

If that isn’t enough to warrant some serious contentment, it’s even better because being apart doesn’t ruin the fun.  After I go home to Virginia, my parents will still be glad when they get a chance to sneak in another movie and ice cream night, and I’ll be glad to take walks in my own neighborhood and use my own favorite silver spoon for ice cream (mine has “King Pedro” engraved in the bowl of the spoon in really gaudy lettering).  We enjoy each other’s company, but our happiness isn’t ruined by being apart.  There’s so much freedom in that.

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