Vacation Goals: Mountains

My mom, a friend of hers and I did a modified version of the hiking goal today.  Thankfully, the modifications didn’t have anything to do with altitude.  Good views remained a part of the plan, even if the word “hiking” was loosely interpreted. 

It seems that adorable puppies, while extremely huggable, aren’t big on walking for more than a few minutes at a time.  So lots of this happened:

We took gondolas from town to village to ski center, and then back to village and town.  We did legitimately walk around in the wilderness at high elevation (at the gondola stop between town and village).  We even ate a picnic up there.  It counts.  It was just a really ladylike version of hiking.

See?  Totally like hiking.  Doesn’t the sky look fake? 

I might not make it back to the lowlands.  Tell Peanut I love him.

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