One List to Rule Them All

This is my every-third-week Friday off/Saturday at work combo, and I’m feeling prepared.  Some weeks, I just glide through the Friday like it’s an extended nap break before my workday on Saturday.  This won’t be one of those weeks.

I have a list that contains eleven things.  Count ’em.  These aren’t weak sauce list items, either.  I didn’t even separate things under the heading of “clean.”  That could be eleven items, right there.  Vacuuming, dusting, clean the stove, clean the fridge, mop the floor, sweep the porch, clean the bathrooms.  (Darn it, that was only seven things after all.  I wouldn’t ever clean the baseboards or polish the silver, but that would take us to nine things.  Two more?  Anyone?)

Anyway, you get the picture.  If I’m half as productive as planned, my house will be a sparkling example of domesticity when I leave for work on Saturday.  The bathroom will have a glistening coat of paint in this color: Tarrytown Green.   I will have money in the bank, food in the fridge, an organized pantry, a weeded and mowed front yard, and a car with freshly changed oil and so on and so forth.  I will also have a tan, a happy dog, and will skip to dinner at a friend’s house by 6:30 with nothing else on my list.  Right.  You believe that will happen, don’t you?  It’s a totally realistic list.  I specialize in realism.

And I wish equal measures of optimism on your Friday.  Enjoy!

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  1. Mom says:

    I hope you feel like a winner when you reach the finish line. Today is my day to address and mail wedding announcements and catch up on the filing. I don’t make a list when I have only two tasks. Lots of love going your way from sunny Colorado!

    1. The list has 17 items now. Want to switch? Love to you from drizzly Virginia, too.

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