Cool Cat

I was writing an uber serious post today about connection to people and places, but it’s Saturday and I’m at work.  I don’t need serious.  What this blogger needs is a ridiculous cat.  Yup.  So courtesy of someone else’s blog, here is a ridiculous(ly cool) cat:

That did make me feel better, and since I can’t get the serious post to say what I want it to say in 500 words, here’s the condensed version:

I had a really unexpected dinner last night with a friend from high school.

Good things about that:

  • Seeing an old friend from high school (obvious, yes)
  • Hearing an East Texas accent
  • Getting news about other old friends
  • Seeing that life takes unexpected twists for everyone (and that can be really good)

Bad thing about the dinner:

  • I feel home(town)less at the moment.

For some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, seeing someone from Elkhart made me feel like I’m not actually from there.  [Insert furrowed brow here.]  Anyone want to loan me a hometown?

(That’s half of Elkhart’s downtown.  Don’t blink.  Those trees in the background?  That’s the edge of town.)

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  1. Mom says:

    Where did you get that picture of Elkhart? And just for the record, I always think of Lake Conroe as your hometown.

    1. The picture is one of the very few images of Elkhart that comes up in a Google search.

      Lake Conroe, really? You’re right according to years spent in one place, but Elkhart saw the great dress argument of 2001 and the time I went to Taco Bell after playing tennis against strict parental order. Those are hometown moments!

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