Nothin’ Much

1.  I’m hanging my head in shame.  An ad for the new Zac Efron movie was on tv the other day, and I actually wanted to see it.  Will. Resist.  Also, this is why I sometimes go to movies alone.

2.  You know it’s time to vacuum the house when you have a sudden urge to wear socks inside in July.

3.  True to form, I got incredibly motivated to clean last night at 12:15.  The motivation whirlwind kept me going until 1 A.M.

4.  I actually wrote the dog-in-bed post yesterday, and I was so inspired at 1 A.M. that I found a solution to the problem.  All I have to do is settle in the exact middle of the bed, and Peanut is disoriented and has to pick a side for himself.  There wasn’t any unjust space-stealing last night.  It was miraculous.  See, good things do come of staying up until 1 A.M. on a work night.

5.  I’ve been having really vivid dreams for the past few nights, most times centering on concentration camps or me hiding from people who want to kill me.  Last night was added to the hiding-from-angry-murderers tally, and the weirdest part is that Dream Me had a huge collection of frilly high heel shoes.  Who can run effectively from killers in stilettos with flowers and bows all over them?  I kept rummaging through the heels looking for a good pair of running shoes.  Nada.  My subconscious needs help.

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