Passing Notes

This week provided solid proof that some things do get better as you get older.  I’ve been sharing notes with friends since way back when.  In high school, they were mostly about how great it would be when Integrated Physics and Chemistry was finished for the day and we could just play tennis.  Or they were about boys.

I still pass those notes with my friends.  They’re called email now, and they revolve around evening plans and how much fun those will be compared to the spreadsheets and projects we deal with at work.  Not that far from the content ten years ago.

The advantage of getting older is that the type of notes you send and receive expands exponentially (well, not exactly exponentially… don’t make me get back into math class explanations).  In addition to notes about what you can’t wait to do after work, you get recipes tacked onto fresh fruit on your porch.  Shout-out to the friend who made that beautiful thing happen.  Or sometimes you get recipes in email or funny stuff via YouTube.  That’s what I call a good addition to life!

I probably wouldn’t have wanted a recipe very much 10 years ago, if I’m being honest.  Domestic skills weren’t high on my priority list.  Anything that includes the word “cobbler” is welcome in my life now though.  And isn’t cobbler at least somewhat healthy?  There are loads more peaches and blueberries than butter and processed sugar in the recipe.  That has to mean something when compared to other desserts like, let’s say, a Snickers bar.  Cobbler is totally a health food.

But I digress (cobbler does that to me).  The down side to grown-up notes is that as they expand in fun directions, they also come from the power company and local government and all sorts of other places.  Those notes are called bills.  Not such a fan of them.  They’re comparable to anonymous hate messages crammed into your locker.  Nobody likes them, but you have to deal with them before things get ugly.  The cable company can pack a mean punch if you don’t give them your lunch money.

Anyway, enjoy your grown-up notes today, bills, recipes, SPAM and all.

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  1. Mom says:

    Your blogs are the most delightful grown-up notes I receive. Keep the presses rolling!!

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