Home Grown [Tomatoes, Earwigs, Clicky Bugs]

Among other things like watching the World Cup and eating ice cream out of a gutter (mmm), this weekend included some gardening.

I’m super pleased to say that I now have a hydrangea bush by my front steps.  Its flowers are lime green.  And while I was calculating space for that (and recalculating lots of times, deciding each time that the space available wasn’t big enough for the plant’s future growth, then deciding that I’d worry about that later in true Scarlett O’Hara style), I replaced a few other plants as well.

Some of my productive plants are taking their job very seriously.  This is part of my tomato crop from Sunday afternoon:

I took about seven tomatoes to a friend’s house on Saturday, and there are at least ten more that are ready to pick today.  What’s a girl to do?  Add fresh mozzarella and basil and eat herself silly, of course.

The less fun part of the gardening experience was discovering earwigs in the yard.  If you don’t know what an earwig looks like, I’m happy for you (until 10 seconds from now).  They’re potentially my least favorite type of bug.  I’ll introduce you via Sankax’s photostream:

Beautiful, right?  Especially when you have to put your hands smack dab into the dirt they’re crawling in and out of.  I comfort myself by remembering that I’m thousands of times bigger than they are.

Speaking of bugs, Peanut and I went out for our late walk and were both distracted by a really loud clicking bug sound.  Peanut solved the problem by eating the bug.  It wouldn’t have been my method of choice, but it worked after a few muted clicks.  The look on Peanut’s face was priceless, too.  He kind of squirmed and thought about dropping it until I came after him to encourage that.  If I want him to drop something, that something immediately becomes incredibly valuable to him.  Smart guy.  He knows that humans never want their dogs to have the really fine things in life–rolls in manure, chocolate, table scraps in general.  Who says he isn’t well trained?!

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