Cable TV!

I kept thinking about the longest match in tennis history yesterday and wishing that I could watch more of Wimbledon.  Then I saw an ad for the new season of Mad Men.  Then I thought about how much I missed The Office this year and about all of the HGTV shows I used to like so much.

And I broke down and ordered cable TV, complete with DVR.  And I was so relieved.

It’s been ten months since I’ve had cable, and it has had a surprisingly small impact on my life.  It did, however, make my dad go semi-bonkers when we had to use several layers of tin foil so that he could get better reception during March Madness.  And I have watched more episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond than I ever really wanted to watch.

So welcome back, cable.  I promise not to sit on my couch for entire days, as tempting as that might be.  I will watch What Not to Wear and House Hunters in moderation, and I will feel no guilt about erasing things without watching them.

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