Starbucks Cloaking Device

I’ve decided that I have a Starbucks-triggered personal cloaking device.  It’s the only logical explanation.

I thought it was a coincidence for a while. I go to Starbucks, order a drink, and wait patiently by the spot where you’re supposed to wait patiently.  Maybe I’m too patient, because about one in every three visits, they forget to make my order.  After they realize they forgot me, I get my order and a free drink voucher.

I’m not giving baristas the stink eye, I promise.  I’m not fuming or standing with my hands on my hips, claiming I’ll never go to Starbucks again.  I just wait in plain sight.

For the last four years, I’ve been laughing this off, but I’m starting to feel guilty about my Starbucks-triggered personal cloaking device.  They’ve given me a hefty number of free drinks at this point, and I haven’t even sent them a Christmas card.

Maybe Texans are invisible out of their natural habitat?  That can’t be right.  If only I could learn to control my cloaking device, I’d have it made.

I suspect that it’s more of a Get Smart gadget than a James Bond secret weapon.  They never could get the cone of silence to work when they needed it.

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