Happy ‘Maters, Awkward Hannah

Almost all of my plants are alive a few weeks into the garden project.  The only casualty so far was the snapdragon cluster.  The tomato plants, basil, and hibiscus tree are all really happy.  They looked like this on Saturday:

You might notice that these plants are in pots.  There are also plants in the ground, they’re just not super impressive at the moment.

The dilemma of the healthy vegetables/herbs is that now it’s time to consume part of those plants.  I look at them and think, “Oooh, they’re thriving!”  I’m really happy for a few seconds, then a crestfallen expression spreads over my face because I remember that I need to actually use the herbs to keep the plants healthy.  It seems so weird to dissemble a perfectly healthy plant.  You’re literally cutting your success into little pieces.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get over that as soon as I bite into something that contains fresh basil, however.

Other highlights from recent life include a whole passel of awkward moments.  Unfortunate.  Mostly unfortunate because they’re entirely my fault.

Sometimes I wonder why I seem to share insignificant or embarrassing things more often than not in this space.  You probably don’t care what’s happening to my tomato plants or the ten gillion ways I’m awkward every week.  It’s not that I doubt that you’re a very caring person.  But really, who cares?!  You’ve got at least as many things tumbling through your head as I do.

So I’ll tell you why.  Writing about things here gets them out of my head where they’re taking up valuable time and energy.  This is my very own non-Catholic confessional.  I try to make the confession at least mildly entertaining, but that’s what it boils down to.

If I tell you that I did something stupid yesterday, it’s permanently moved from the “embarrassing moments” area of my brain to the “anecdotes in the blogosphere” area of my brain.  As for all the other stuff, the things I love and don’t love and all of that, it’s nice to share things with people.  Maybe you secretly feel guilty for using pieces of your cilantro for a recipe, too.  Don’t worry about it.  We’re all a little bit weird.

Thanks for today’s public brain reorganization.

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