Despair, Inc.

My dad introduced our family to a wonderful company called Despair, Inc. a few years ago.  They started off selling demotivational posters like the motivational ones you’ve probably seen a thousand times.  Now they sell all sorts of stuff, and as someone who has received a backorder notification from them, I can say that all of their communications are delivered with the same sarcasm as their one-liners.  It was the only backorder letter I’ve ever bothered to read, and it was worth the time!

Anyway, I’m making cold calls today at work.  In the library world, that doesn’t mean I’m selling anything.  It means that I’m basically begging via phone.  The cause of choice is our summer reading program, which I do think is wonderful.  I just really dislike asking people for free stuff.

In honor of cold calls, I bring you one of my favorite Despair demotivational posters:

Other personal favorites might come across as somewhat harsh, so I’ll let you discover them on your own and not associate them with me.

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