New vs. Old

I never know how to feel about sports records.  As usual, it’s a Pete Sampras/Roger Federer issue that brings this to mind.  The New York Times just pointed out that Federer has spent 268 weeks ranked as the top player in men’s tennis (you can read about it here).  My man Pete still leads the way with 286 weeks at no. 1. The way things have been going, that means a mere 18 weeks before another Sampras record is shattered.  Sad.

I don’t exactly have anything against Federer.  Is it okay to wish that my childhood favorite’s records would stand for more than a few years?  Or is that like wishing that the internet wouldn’t get any faster?  Darn these newfangled players who are so consistently good!  And by newfangled players, I actually just mean Federer.  It seems like there should be some sort of mourning period when a great player retires.  I know, I know.  That’s not fair either.  Maybe Djokovic will take over the top spot for a while and at least make Federer sweat a little bit before he dethrones Pete.  I’ll keep you posted 18 weeks from now.

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