Painting a Day

I get these emails from an artist named Duane Keiser.  They’re called “painting a day” emails because, in theory, the artist paints one new work a day and then sells it for relatively little money online.  It used to work that way, but the paintings have been less frequent for the last year.

Anyway, Keiser’s paintings are wonderful… part impressionistic, part contemporary (especially some of the still life paintings of things like fortune cookies), lots of light.  I like studying things that are dark and complex, but I would rather have one of Keiser’s paintings on my wall.

Thought I’d share the painting that came to my inbox this morning.  It’s called “Late Afternoon on Lorraine Avenue,” and it reminds me of afternoon dog walks in my neighborhood.

The time change has me all disgruntled when I wake up to total darkness, but it’s so nice to soak in some real sunlight after work!  It’s much more cheerful trotting around the neighborhood with the sun setting in the background.  So happy thoughts about Daylight Savings Time to all.

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