The library smelled like fresh bread and melting butter last night.  It was kind of wonderful and kind of terrible because you knew you that none of the baked goods were going to make it from your imagination to your stomach.  Sigh.

The smell did turn my thoughts to the glories of butter, which is always nice.  I wouldn’t recommend chowing down on a stick of butter by itself, but think of the amazing ways it can be used.  I would argue that butter is one very small notch below duct tape on the coolness spectrum.  If you’re hungry, it’s much much cooler than duct tape.  I’ve included a few ideas below.

You could make an amazing butter sculpture like this:

Or improve a steamed artichoke by leaps and bounds (don’t forget to add lemon to the melted butter):

I’ve also read that you can use butter if you run out of shaving cream.  I’m not really suggesting that as a valid option.  Somehow, I think that slathering my legs with butter before heading to work might not go smoothly.  My dog would probably attack my legs on the way from shower to door.  I might not even make it out of the house.

If buttered legs aren’t your cup of tea, you can add a thin coat of butter to a block of cheese to keep it from molding in the fridge or use butter to stop your hands from smelling fishy.  Just remember to wash your hands after the butter rub.  I could keep going, but you might not even like butter.  If that’s not true and I just made you really hungry, there will be fresh baked goods at my house at some point in the next few days, and I’m happy to share.  I’d bet on Thursday night if I were you.

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