Good Times with Gustav

Today’s good moments are presented by the letter G for Gustav, my car.  I spend a fair amount of time in the car–enough time to feel at home in that space.

My drive to work this morning was pretty much business as usual for a while.  I was running late, which means arriving just at the right moment without any time to spare, not actually being late.  There was a definite sense of urgency to my driving without any real panic.

The semi-tizzy state continued until I saw a man clapping enthusiastically in his car.  He was an older businessman dressed for a day at the office, and his clapping looked much more purposeful than “I’m really enjoying this song/radio program.”  It looked like he was clapping for a “Clap on! Clap off!!” gadget in his car.  It took me right out of morning drive drudgery to the land of oddball thoughts.  What could he be controlling in his car with a clapper device?  Was this some new method of voice-control for your phone?  How awesome would it be to have random things in your car turn on when you clap (non-essential things like your radio or seat warmers, mind you, not your headlights or anything serious)?!

Later in the day, I returned to Gustav for lunch.  I spend my lunch hour in the car most days.  The break room is cold (you need gloves in the summer type of cold) and empty except for exceptionally loud echoes.  The car is  sun-soaked and private.  I can have conversations on the phone, listen to an audiobook without headphones, or stare into space without feeling like a crazy person.  I can also take my shoes off.  All excellent reasons to eat in the car.

Today’s lunch had the added benefit of seagulls over the parking lot.  Seagulls aren’t a terribly common thing to hear in the area surrounding my library, and they instantly transported me back to childhood vacations.  You can’t get that from the break room.

With the joy of seagull sounds in the background, I looked through some Italian flashcards I’ve meant to use for a long time.  I (re)learned the words for “I would like…” and “How do you get to… ?”  and was reminded of months spent mangling Italian and mixing it with Spanish.  My goal is to legitimately learn the language so that the next time I move to an Italian-speaking area, people will mistake me for a local after I open my mouth, not just when I’m silent.  I think it’s important to prepare for entirely unlikely but wonderful events.

It’s been a good day for useless things that don’t usually happen, and I hope it continues in that vein.

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  1. I love that you think sideways, Babycakes. And I’m glad you had a good day.

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