Turquoise Trash Treasures

We take our trash to a county dump because we’re cool like that.  Or because we live in the country, and that’s just how trash works here.  Either way, we always see some stuff at the side of the dump that was pulled out by the guys who manage the dump.  It’s stuff (usually furniture) that they think might be worth saving.  And the last time we went to the dump, we brought two such chairs home.

I know, who takes stuff home from other people’s trash?  Apparently we do.  

I love these chairs though.  See what you think:

They were dirty before–dirty and splintery and solid turquoise with a few chipped spots.  I thought I would sand them and paint them a more subtle blue, but then I saw them on the back porch as I drove up to our house the next day.  They were so darn cheerful that I decided they should stay bright turquoise.  They look fun with the bright green door, too.

So what did I contribute to our dump finds?  I cleaned and sanded to get the splintery pieces to disappear.  And I decided I really really liked the bright paint mixed with the weathered/sanded wood.  I sprayed them with a clear enamel spray paint (maybe 4 thin coats) to keep the rest of the wood from becoming splintery and rotten, and to keep the metal from rusting further.

Now they’re comfy and sturdy and exactly what I would want to buy for our front porch. The stools Scott made for us to sit on have been upgraded to outdoor tables, which are lovely things to have when you have your coffee with you.  Or maybe something cool and minty.  

Speaking of mint…

I planted one mint plant in our front herb garden knowing full well that it would be an invasive plant.  My plan was for the mint to spread throughout the entire garden area beneath our huge shrubs so it would choke out the weeds.  We could have a beautiful ground cover that required zero maintenance and saved me from weeding all in one go.  That was the plan.

It is spreading as planned, but it’s also hip high by the first of June.  Yup.  It was supposed to grow a foot tall or less.  But ours is a giant.  Sigh.  There goes my awesome plan.  We do have more mint than we could ever consume, so it’s not a terrible situation.

Our oregano is also about twice the height it was supposed to be.  I’m all for low-maintenance herbs, but I wish they would be healthy without being jolly green giants.  I’m so picky, I know.

I also never weed.  Poor garden.

We’ll go back to thinking about chairs and tables and free happies.

Much better.

(I also never clean off our front porch.  Oh well.)

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