That’s Right… Raw Taters In My Salad

So first things first, we might be getting chickens in the next few weeks.  Maybe.  Or we might not.  Either way, we have a chicken coop in our back woods, and Scott made a door for it on Sunday.  I think it looks pretty great.  I also think it’s fun that we have random things in our woods like a mostly functional chicken coop and a one-stall goat shed.  Not things I thought I would ever want or need.


Chickens aside, we tried a new recipe last night, and I liked it a lot.  The weird thing is that it’s mostly raw sweet potato.  The annoying thing is that you have to julienne all of the veggies, which takes more time if your julienne tool breaks after the first slice.  The reason it’s all worth it?  Well, the quantity of veggies you have to julienne isn’t that huge.  And the taste.  The taste is worth it.  This salad is really healthy and makes delicious leftovers.  It also goes well with buttermilk biscuits and country ham, which was the main part of our meal last night.  (Yeah, raw healthy healthy side dish means you can fully enjoy your buttermilk biscuits guilt-free.)

What is this magical recipe?  Sweet potato, celery, and apple salad, oh my!  You can find it here: Martha Stewart’s Sweet Potato, Celery, and Apple Salad.  Even if you have to chop up the veggies teeny tiny all by yourself, it’s worth it.  And the chopping only took about 15 minutes.  That’s not so bad.  The raw sweet potatoes?  Well, they  taste pretty mild and crunchy and nice.

photo by Mark Weinberg, recipe from Martha Stewart via Food 52

And last but not least, I love spring flowers.

FullSizeRender (1)

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