Real World Decorating

Okay, so you know how I painted that room a while ago?  Well, I also decided to put up the curtains.  Without finials.

What?!?!  Those curtain rods are definitely designed to have a thingamajig at the end.

I decided I don’t care.  Buying extra finials wasn’t worth it to me, and they looked kind of funny on the too-long (but we already had them) curtain rods anyway.  So I put up my too-long finial-less curtain rods, and I like them a lot.  I think they look kind of modern and crisp.  They even look like I put them up that way on purpose.

This is the room a long, long time ago (before we bought the house):

photo from
photo from

And this is the room now (as you walk in):

room entryAnd the other side of ye ol’ room:

not left outPeanut didn’t want to be left out:

the cuteHe’s the best part of the room, but don’t tell him.  It’ll give him a big head.

And this is the best picture of the color combo that I could achieve:

colorDid you notice the piles in the pictures?  They’re smaller than they were when I painted the room.  Progress!

Why did I name this post “Real World Decorating”?  Mostly because of the piles.  And the cable wire coming out of the wall.  And the timeline.

A lot of “DIY” bloggers seem to finish projects at light speed.  Not me.  That pile will probably either be put into a window (part of the pile is old blinds we took out of the dining room) or go to the ReStore.  In a few weeks.  Or a month.  So if you’re doing projects at a snail’s pace, have no fear.  You are not alone.

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