The Great Blog Silence of 2015

You know that time period where I didn’t remember to blog?  Well let me tell you about that.  It was super busy at work (still is), and I learned that even though I thought I was supposed to get an hour for lunch, that wasn’t true at all.  I was supposed to be getting half an hour for lunch.

An hour is just enough time to microwave a lunch, eat said lunch, write a blog post, check once really quickly for grammar, post the post, and add a link to that on Facebook and maybe Pinterest.  If I hurry and already know what I’ll be writing about ahead of time.

Do you know what isn’t enough time for all of those things?  Half an hour.

So really, I need to either adjust my schedule like a grown-up and get to work half an hour earlier to resume normal lunches or start blogging after work.  I promise I’ll do one of those things soon.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you that I’ve spilled a whole bunch of food on myself at work (sad but true), and my camera has had too little free memory to take any really awesome pictures.  I also need to change that.

So here’s to less blog silence.  I’ll try.

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