Asian Beef with Cabbage Slaw and Pretty Pretty Snow

Sometimes we take loads and loads of time to make our meals.  It’s nice to make the process part of the evening activities sometimes.

Other times, I just want to eat something tasty in as little time as possible.  With the 2-minute Huevos Rancheros recently and the 2-minute pumpkin chocolate chip goodies (okay, so they both take longer than that, but  not a lot), you can tell which way I’m leaning right now.  Quick is good.

Last night, our quick dinner option was Asian Beef and Cabbage Slaw.  We found ourselves with some spare cabbage from last week, and that seemed like a solid way to get rid of it.  Turns out we were right.  Yay for recipe-picking success!

The meat had tons of flavor (more on that below the picture), the slaw had just enough flavor, and the combination of crisp slaw and hot beef was very nice.

It looked just like the professional picture for a change, but I couldn’t find my camera to prove that.  You’ll have to take my word for it.

photo by David Prince (and from
photo by David Prince (and from

Our only tweak to this excellent and simple recipe?  We didn’t have plum sauce, and we didn’t want to buy plum sauce.  Instead, Scott threw in some hoisin sauce.  I know that plum sauce is not the same thing as hoisin sauce, but we thought the flavors with the substitution were just fine.

The end.  Almost.  Speaking of almost, happy almost weekend!  I can’t get over how beautiful our snow has been lately, so I’ll be a happy camper this weekend.  This is the view from our front windows yesterday morning:

photo-10I love our line of trees.  They make me happy in every season, but especially when they’re covered in snow.

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