Adrenaline Day

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure for us.  It was a two-part adventure, actually.  It started with a job interview for Scott and then moved on to some brief public speaking for me.

I figured that Scott should be finished with the interview and sharing news about how it went by 11 AM.  Noon rolled around, and I started wondering what was going on.  Then one o’clock and two, and then I headed off to my very brief but very scary (to me) public speaking jaunt.  The crowd was nice, but it’s tough to beat my typical public speaking audience–5-ish people in a computer lab who are super excited about learning anything at all about computers.  Computer class students at the library are probably the most forgiving audience I’ve ever encountered.

Anyway, public speaking isn’t my favorite.  During my first presentation in college, my vision blacked out for a considerable portion of the presentation.  The internet tells me that temporary blindness can be a symptom of panic attacks.  So… public speaking has been known to lead to panic attacks in blog writers named Hannah.

This particular instance (yesterday) was a great opportunity to share something that the library is doing with a related organization.  So I was in.  In and full of feelings like these guys might be experiencing:

photo from
photo from

That sums up my day until about 3:20, when my short little introduction to certain library services was complete.  Whew.  No temporary blindness, no horrible gaffes.

When I got out of that meeting, Scott had emailed news about the interview, and all was well in the world again.  Double whew.

The only problem at that point was that the end of all that adrenaline left me feeling like this:

photo from
photo from

Fortunately, there were legitimate work things that I could get done with almost zero brainpower.  I love hoarding a few of those low-brainpower projects so that I can still be productive if I find myself in a mental slush for an hour or so.  I did not take a nap at work.  But I did transform into a giant lump of mush when I got home.  Poor Scott.  Hanging out with a big lump probably isn’t very exciting.

The end.  I’m now living an adrenaline-free Wednesday and loving it.

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