It’s the advent season now, and we’re waiting for Jesus’ birthday.  Maybe you’re waiting for Santa.  Or for general holiday festivities.  Maybe you’re actually waiting for the holidays to move on and for normal life to resume.

At our house, we’re actually waiting for Jesus’ birthday and some job news (not for me, very happy at my job).  I’ll admit that waiting is not my strong suit.  Far from it.  At first, I felt relatively patient and saint-like about the job news waiting.  That lasted for at least 5 minutes.

Today, I feel like this:

photo from imgarcade.com
photo from imgarcade.com

Except that instead of a window, I’m checking me email way too often, hoping for good news.

Maybe I should go back to waiting for Jesus’ birthday.  The good thing about that waiting is that it can only last for 7 days.

What do you do when you’re waiting?

I’ve tried being super productive at work, but I’ve finished lots and lots of small projects, and if I continue at this pace, I won’t have any projects for next week.  I even got around to finishing my continuing education classes.  (Gasp!  And that second-to-last statement is only kind of true.  There’s always more to do at work, but I am running out of my typical projects pretty quickly.)

Sigh.  Back to intense productivity and an attempt at inbox avoidance for me.

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