Procrastination and Celebration, Rinse and Repeat

I’m extremely grateful that we’re hosting a Christmas party at our house in a few weeks.  Why?  Well, in addition to the fact that I like having friends over, it’s the best project motivation I’ve had for a while.  What better reason to finally paint the stairs or the bathroom than a whole bunch of people coming over?

So on Monday night, I finally (FINALLY) got around to caulking the stairs.  Now they’ve had carpet removed, been sanded, had holes filled, had large cracks caulked, and they’re ready for a final sanding and some paint.  Whew.  There are so many steps to do, which means many opportunities for procrastination.  Many many opportunities.

I tried to take care of the smallest of the small projects last night.  And there was some fun TV, too.  Congrats to Alfonso for winning Dancing With the Stars.  In my completely unprofessional opinion, he deserved it.

I’m not a consistent DWTS viewer, but that finale was pretty fun.  And now you can forget that I said that.  No, I like sophisticated fare like PBS.  Nothing but PBS and the BBC and more PBS.  And shiny mirror ball trophies.

photo from
photo from

It was fun to see Sadie on the dance floor, too.  Commendable second place.

photo from
photo from

Oh, wait, PBS.  Yeah, Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes and things.

Maybe I should just get back to those stairs.

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