Leftover Turkey Magic (also known as Thanksgiving Fried Rice)

So we cooked an entire turkey the other day and ended up with 85% of a turkey cut up in our fridge after the initial feast.  That’s a lot of turkey.

Fortunately, we like eating a lot of turkey, and our first leftover adventure turned into delicious Turkey Fried Rice.  I used a recipe from The New Way to Cook Light as the starting point for the meal.  It’s called Tofu Fried Rice, but turkey or chicken can be easily substituted for tofu.

So adding meat was big change number one.  Big change number two?  Dried/ground ginger instead of fresh.  Not such a huge change.  Big change number three?  No sake.  We didn’t have any, and even though I’m sure it would add an extra something to this meal, I didn’t want to buy any.  So there.

I will say that buying hoisin sauce is a good idea.  It adds so much flavor to recipes, and we finished an entire bottle/jar of it last year.  Before its expiration date!  That’s better than I do with ketchup sometimes, which proves that if you own hoisin sauce, you’ll find plenty of ways to use it.

fried riceSo go thee forth and make some fried rice.  It’s quick, it has lots of pretty colors, and you can dump in extra veggies if you want to be healthier.  It’s my kind of 15-minute meal.

And speaking of Thanksgiving (you know, turkey and leftovers and November)…

I saw this on DesignSponge today and wished that I had the energy to create a pear garland.  It’s purdy.

204_Rosemary-Pear-Garland-500x594It also sounds like it’s easy to make.  The only real catch is that if I put that much good fruit on our front door, either Scott or our friendly neighborhood birds would start eating from the garland at some point.  I will make non-edible garlands.

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