Spare Drawer Solution

No, not the under-drawers type of drawer.  The furniture type of drawer.  We found ourselves with a brand new kitchen cabinet drawer and no place to put said drawer (there’s a microwave on a nifty shelf where the drawer was designed to go), so we tried to find an alternative drawer use.  This was the inspiration:

photo from (via Pinterest)
photo from (via Pinterest)

And this is the real deal at our house:

entryUnfortunately for you, the real deal is best photographed in the afternoon, when the light is bright and wonderful.  When I’m never home to take pictures.  You’ll just have to assume that it’s generally better looking in real life than in this picture.  This is how I see the table, even in dark, fuzzy pictures:

sparkly Fancier, right?  And an extra place to store books, which is always a good thing.  This is the color inside the drawer, because it’s impossible to see in the pictures:

Benjamin Moore Azores (from
Benjamin Moore Azores (from

I thought about painting the top of the table (or the drawer front, if you’re still thinking of this as a drawer and not a table), but I couldn’t bring myself to ruin the smooth finish with my messy brush marks.  So that’s it–a house project that took about 10 minutes of painting time and was free to us (if you don’t count the cost of the kitchen cabinet it came with or the paint sample I bought at least 3 years ago).  I really like free tables that double as small bookshelves and Hokie stone holders!

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