Pumpkin Doodles

Snickerdoodles have been one of my favorite cookies for years.  Do I like sugar cookies?  No, not really.  Do I love sugar cookies that are rolled in cinnamon sugar and therefore are called snickerdoodles?  Yes!

Do I especially love snickerdoodles that are laced with pumpkin and nutmeg?  Definitely yes.

You can tell how excited I was to eat the first cookie because the picture is blurry.  That cookie was on its way to my mouth in a hurry.

pumpkin doodlesI will admit to imperfect baking practices on this recipe.  It all started with our homemade pumpkin puree.  Scott started that process for me, then I did the final pureeing steps.  The Pioneer Woman gave me some advice to help out with the puree.

I think the puree might have been ever-so-slightly more watery than the canned variety, so the cookie dough turned a bit sticky.  Which made me add some flour.  And some more flour.  Long mixing short, the cookies turned out a bit cake-like.  My advice is stick to the recipe, plain and simple.  If you run into sticky dough, just go for loads of flour on your hands while you roll the cookies.  That should do the trick.

Even a bit over-floured, the cookies are wonderful.  The slight pumpkin flavor and the nutmeg in the outer flavoring is delicious.  They’re fluffy and just plain nice.  These are the professional cookies:

photo and recipe from thekitchn.com
photo and recipe from thekitchn.com


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