Giada’s Egg and Kale Wraps

So imagine this.  You got off work at a normal time, thinking you would eat a quick meal out on your way to a 7 pm meeting.  You get to the dinner spot of choice (you’re really excited about a good sandwich and some soup), only to realize that you left your credit card sitting on your desk at work.  There’s a good reason for that, but whatever.  Not important now.  Now you’re hungry and dinnerless.

Fast forward to 8:59 when you get home.  Your husband greets you with fresh kale from the garden and a plan.  I love a dinner plan!

What was this plan?  Giada’s egg and kale wraps, of course.  Giada says these are breakfast wraps, but we had them for dinner, and they ate just fine then, too.

photo from
photo from

That’s a basic recap of my evening last night.  It was saved by a good meeting and a nice husband, not to mention the fresh kale and good recipe.  You should try it.  Really.  It was warm, filling, and very flavorful.  It didn’t take that long to cook, and it left me feeling exactly the right degree of full.  We’ll definitely be making it again.

My only advice is that Giada uses an egg-cookin’ method I’ve never used before.  It worked for Scott the first time, so if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it.  If you’re feeling cautious, go with a fried egg over easy or over medium.  Sometimes going with the familiar is so much less stressful.

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