Birthday Week (Not Mine)

Welcome to Scott’s birthday week!  What does birthday week mean at our house?

Well, it means that the family member of honor gets to pick the food for the week.  It also means the honoree gets to pick TV at night and generally make reasonable requests.  An example of a request that would not be granted is, “I’d like a brand new Ferrari.”  Nope.  Maybe next year.

So welcome to the adventure of Scott’s favorite foods and a brand-new-to-us cake.  It’s going to be a tasty week.

But first things first, today another friend had a birthday.  We had cake for her, too.

photo from
photo from

I have to say, waking up early and baking a cake didn’t sound good when I made that plan last night.  But this morning, it was wonderful.  Think about chocolate icing hot off the stove at 7 AM.  There aren’t a whole lot of ways I would rather wake up.  This cake was a favorite a year ago, and it’s still a favorite today.

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