Thanks, Giada ( for your Gorgonzola burgers)

Okay, let’s say you already know an amazing recipe for blue cheese burgers.  But you want more.  And maybe you want grilled tomatoes instead of fancy onions on your burger.  Maybe you even want to use Gorgonzola instead of blue cheese.  Well, you’re in luck, my friend!

We tried one of Giada’s newer recipes last night, and let me just say that she hasn’t lost her touch.  We did add about a minute of grilling time per side on the burgers, since we like our burgers cooked a little bit past medium rare (heresy for a steak, doesn’t bother me with a burger).  Other than that, we followed the recipe as closely as possible.  The grilled tomatoes with paprika and the Gorgonzola all melded into this warm, juicy sauce on top of the burger, and the arugula provided a tiny hint of crunch.  Mmm.  They looked very much like this:

photo from
photo from

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know until this week that Gorgonzola is the slightly sweeter cousin to blue cheese.  There’s just a tad bit less bite to Gorgonzola, which was lovely last night, if I do say so myself. 

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