Double Blueberry Muffin Yum

In the middle of his cooking streak last week, Scott made the excellent decision to use some of our many fresh blueberries in muffins.  Wise man.  He also went with the Food Network Double Blueberry recipe, because twice the blueberries = twice the nice.

photo from
photo from

Blueberry muffins were the perfect get-to-the-airport-early fuel on Friday, but you know what I discovered over the weekend in Chicago?  Not only can you make amazing blueberry muffins, you can also make pancakes with granola in the batter and then put berries on top.  What?!  Good thing we got an endless supply of blueberries at the beach a few weeks ago (and froze most of them).  Good thing we went to the big city so I could nom my way through some new cooking ideas!  Can we call those meals a research project? 


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