Tuesday Loldogs

Sometimes you need a picture of a cute puppy, you know?  Today, I need a whole passel of cute puppies.  We’re talking almost Cruella de Vil level need for puppies, without all of that unfortunate coat-made-of-puppies stuff.

Do you think Cruella de Vil is really just a horribly confused [fictional] person who needed an emotional boost?  Maybe she thought the physical warm fuzzies (also known as a fur coat) would make her heart feel more warm and fuzzy?  It’s a theory, not necessarily a good theory.  I feel like they covered that in some follow-up movie to 101 Dalmations, but it’s been a few years since I saw that.  Hmm.

Before this gets too weird (or long after it has gotten too weird), I give you my favorite loldogs from the past few days (provided by icanhas.cheezburger.com/dogs):

lol 1And:

lol 2I really like the dog in the pool.  Smart dog.  You’re feeling better already, right?  Nothing like a good dose of loldogs to boost the spirit.

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