And a Rabbit in a Plum Tree

Okay, so I wasn’t sure what to name this post.  And the only tree cleverness I could think of is from a Christmas song.  Oh well.  I assume you’ll forgive me.

The story here is that we have some pretty trees along the edge of the forest at our house.  Until recently, I didn’t think much about them beyond a few basic warm fuzzies.  Then tiny fruit appeared, and I got slightly curious.  A week or so passed, and our bunnies ran across the driveway a couple of hundred times (they seem to live in the driveway).  Then the fruit ripened up.


Scott got brave yesterday and tried one out, and lo and behold, they’re plums.  (I bet you had no idea where that was going after reading the title of the post.)  They’re about 1/4 size of the ones you buy in the store, but they’re tasty and fun to eat.  They’re a happy surprise for a quiet summer weekend.

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