Walls: Thinking Beyond the First Layer

Okay, so even if they aren’t picture-worthy yet, our dining room walls have definitely and irrevocably been transformed from dark red to off-white.  There has been some sadness expressed by other people on that topic, but what can I say?  I was feeling light and bright when I picked paint.  I was also sick of agonizing over paint chips, so I decided that any decision would be a win.

I like the off-white, and I’m planning to attack the kitchen (currently a very peachy kind of color) and the living room/hall areas soon (currently some kind of light taupe).  The taupe in particular is just fine as a color, but there are so many holes in the walls and stains out the wazoo.  Leaving the colors alone isn’t really a good long-term option.

I still like the paint plan, and I think it’ll look great in most of the spaces.  I am, however, wavering a teeny, tiny bit on the whiteness of the kitchen.  White cabinets, off-white walls?  Too much?  Hmm.

So I’ve been eyeing pictures like this:

found on apartmenttherapy.com, looks like it's originally from Home & Garden
found on apartmenttherapy.com, looks like it’s originally from Home & Garden

And I’ve been thinking about how not ready I am to commit to wallpaper.  Which brings me to stencils.  Maybe?  I’ve been so focused on getting things to a neutral base that I avoided thinking about adding color back in (except for a few small ideas I have up my sleeve).

Then I find things like this:

photo from patternedpaintroller.etsy.com
photo from patternedpaintroller.etsy.com

Honestly, after I get past the “look at the cute deer” moment with that picture, I just wonder if I could really roll that roller perfectly enough to get a good finished product.  They say they have instructions that can make me a patterned roller pro, but I’m skeptical.  I’m also clumsy.

Anywho, thoughts.  Blue and white thoughts.

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  1. Breann says:

    I totally vote for some kind of stamp, stencil, decals or painted pattern. Removing wallpaper is a beast. Removeable wallpaper is intriguing, though I don’t personally know anyone who has used it and can provide info on ease-of-use/longevity: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/roundup-modern-removable-wallpaper-167208

    1. Thanks for the link/input! I agree about removing wallpaper, and I think that installing wallpaper is even a bit intimidating. But paint should be doable. Especially because the paintable space in the kitchen is about 20 square feet.

  2. or depending on how much wall you have, a really really big frame with wallpaper in it as art. Best of both worlds?

    1. That would be fantastic, but the space is really tiny with a chair rail in the middle. I love that look though!

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