Strawberry Saturday

Scott is smart about things like growing seasons, so he proposed yesterday that we make a quick trip down the road for some “pick-your-own” strawberries.  It turns out that picking your own food is really fun, especially if you just finished a long day at a very indoor type of job.  Also, other people are better at growing things than I am.

goat2This guy lives at the farm with the berries, and he is probably better at growing strawberries than I am.

fieldSee?  This is his field of strawberries that proves his superiority.

berry basketAnd these are some of his strawberries from his strawberry field.

berriesIt’s hard to believe those are real, right?  Straight from the plants, ready to be made into all kinds of tasty food (or eaten by themselves as tasty food).  That is one talented goat.

So far, we’ve only gotten to a basic yogurt/granola/strawberries breakfast use of the berries.  But we have plans.  Check out all of the delicious ideas from Southern Living.  My personal favorites are the sandwiches with strawberry extras.  At least one of those will be tried in the next week.  And on that note, enjoy a Saturday right smack dab in the middle of strawberry season!

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