Bluegrass & Barbeque

Yesterday basically felt like one big sigh of relaxation and goodness.  The afternoon started with beautiful spring weather and time in our giant yard/garden.  That was good.  Nothing like a riding lawn mower and freshly watered plants to make you feel slightly accomplished yet not too worn out.

It’s true that our back yard looks like a drunk person was operating the mower, but I was entirely sober.  It’s just that I kept seeing spots that needed a second pass.  Or a third or fourth.  The nice “stripes” in the grass are kind of like a bee’s flight pattern, with no clear goal.  At least the grass is all the same (shorter than before) height!

Then the evening took me to a spot in the woods not too far from our town.  With our entire church and possibly a few extra people.  And some music.  Oh, and really good food.

It looked like this:

photo by a friend, because my pictures were meh

The musicians were somewhere behind and to the left of this picture.  And yes, I definitely stole the picture from a friend because it was better than mine.  You should check out her very awesome blog sometime.

You’ve had those moments that you just want to soak up for a while, right?  Well, bluegrass, friends, and barbeque with a view like the one above is enough to get me well past the line of “Can this keep going, please?!”  I really can’t think of many better combinations.

So today I’m reliving Sunday a bit in my head.  Monday feels surprisingly good through a haze of memories.  Sunshine and a grassy hillside.  All of the great homemade dessert you can get your hands on.  (Sigh.)  Nice Monday thoughts, right?

I hope your Monday finds you with excellent Sunday memories, too.

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