Mish Mash Day (and Fried Plantains)

Today is weird leftovers for lunch day and grocery store day and really rainy and gross day.  Yup.  But those weird leftovers turned out to be really good.  (Who knew that heated up lettuce and sour cream and rice and corn something and steak would actually end well when mixed together?!) 

The leftovers were from a Latin American restaurant in Lynchburg called Delicia’s.  We discovered it within a week or so of moving to Lynchburg (location/happy accident), and we’ve gone there occasionally ever since.  It’s fun because it feels authentic.  It’s wonderful because the food tastes so darn good.  My only regret there so far is that I ordered a meal without fried plantains last night.  My dinner and leftovers were still awesome, but I’ve been thinking about those plantains for a day and a half at this point.  I’ll know what to order next time.

Have you ever had a fried plantain?  A plantain is a type of banana, but it’s kind of like a cross between a potato and a banana in taste and use.  I’ve only ever seen them cooked (almost always fried), and they’re pretty common in Latin American food. 

I discovered that fried plantains are relatively easy to make a few years ago, so you can try them without going to Latin America (and the crowd rejoiced!):

photo from laylita.com

Lookin’ good, right?  So the next time you’re making something in the realm of Latin American cuisine, throw some plantains onto your grocery list and have an adventure.  You’ll be glad you did.

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