Cotes vs. Goats: Punny Things

I will gladly admit that I know very little about wine.  Here is what I know: Pinot Grigio sometimes has a nice citrus flavor that I like.  I like a lot of red wines and white wines, and I like them pretty fairly in the middle–not sweet, but not so dry that they make me pucker.

Yep, that’s some extensive knowledge.

I do know one or two more things that aren’t all that important.  I know that I can pick a tasty bottle of wine in most categories for less than $12.  I know that Scott and I fell in love with a particular type of wine in Italy.  Then when we came home, we discovered that you can buy it in a vat for $2 at the grocery store (essentially).  We still love it, and I buy it sometimes to remember our honeymoon fondly, even if it’s not a particularly fancy wine.

There’s one more thing I know about wine.  I love a good label.  If you can take a good label (read: a cute animal or a tree or something otherwise nice to look at) and add a pun, I will be all over that.

ImageMy dad introduced me to this wine, which makes perfect sense, because he also introduced me to the idea of the pun.  So do you get it?  “Goats do Roam” instead of “Cotes du Rhone”!

It’s about the growing region and the grape varieties and blah blah.  What I like to take away from this label is that there’s a South African winemaker somewhere who knows how to make a good joke about traditional French wine.  It doesn’t hurt that they had an endearing animal on the label (endearing if you don’t actually own any goats).  Well done, wine people.

Because I’m a sucker for other corny jokes, you can find an adorable dog telling jokes here.  And right here:

photo from
photo from
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