Herb Gardens for All

On this lovely first day of spring, I’m grateful for rosemary.  We planted (and by we, I mean Scott) three rosemary plants in our front garden bed the other day.  It was our first major adjustment to the gardens around our “new” house, and I like it.

Rosemary is the perfect plant for the lazy and/or forgetful gardener, and as a result, it was my first huge garden success.  It’s perfect, I say.  I also got used to having rosemary around, so it wound its way into some of my favorite recipes.  The dried stuff just isn’t the same.

Now I’m waiting for our tiny rosemary plants to grow enough that I can start clipping off their branches for food.  Om nom nom.  It’s kind of like the whole “watched pot doesn’t boil” thing.  I need to just forget that it’s there for a year and check back in summer of 2015.  Boo.

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of our future herb garden.  Scott is master of the veggie garden, and the herbs are usually my domain.  I used to go for herbs in pots, but with oodles and oodles of space, I’m planning to go for larger plots of dirt this time around.  If I was restricted to teeny, tiny herb gardens, I might opt for one of these ideas:

photo from Pinterest (via Lori Dugan)
photo from Pinterest (via clutteredgypsy.tumblr.com)
photo from Pinterest (via patiodesigndepot.com)

I love when people are creative with limited space.  And even though we don’t have a space issue, I’m still thinking about trying this technique for a few herbs we don’t use often:

photo from stilettosanddiapers.com
photo from stilettosanddiapers.com

I like that it makes use of vertical space and recycles materials while not making me get into any serious craft projects.  Happy herbing!

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