Jalapeno Fingers and Daffodil Dreams

Thursdays tend to be my slow morning of the week, which means laundry and dishes and sitting on the couch.  I like Thursday mornings a lot.  I think I even like them enough to make up for the late work day that follows.

Unfortunately, I’m suffering from a mild cooking injury this morning.  I chopped up some jalapenos last night, which contributed to some marginally tasty shrimp tacos.  Nothing to brag about.  But those peppers have done a number on me.  A tiny droplet of jalapeno juice seems to be lodged between my thumbnail and my skin, and it won’t stop burning.  Who knew that such a small, invisible thing could cause so much discomfort!  Maybe I’ll go on cooking disability for a few days.

And while I sit here staring at my thumb, I’m dreaming about daffodils.  The last thing that got stuck under my nails was a muddy mess.  Scott and I planted a Christmas present from his dad on Sunday, and I’m excited about it.  He gave us daffodil bulbs from the family farm, and they’re now proudly planted in a couple of spots around our yard.

photo from Forest Wander

There are several things I love about the daffodils.  These daffodils in particular have been on the family farm for years, and now they’re going to make our new(ish) home feel a bit more like family.  I also like that deer don’t particularly enjoy munching on daffodils.  I try not to plant snacks for critters in the yard.  And last but not least, I like that daffodils multiply every year.  Low-maintenance plants and I get along great.  Now all I need is some rosemary to make the yard feel completely like home.

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