Late Night Asian Turkey Cabbage Cups

Yesterday was a long day.  It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it started with me forgetting to drink coffee.  The day continued along relatively bump-free for a while.  Then came the headache.  It was a big honkin’ headache.

When work finally came to a close, I found my way home for a quick yoga session and some tasty dinner.  I’m one lucky lady, because Scott let me pick yoga videos (read: we did the super easy ones), and he practiced his excellent chef skills to make us Asian Turkey Cabbage Cups from Cooking Light.  Since we’re still in the middle of Olympic fever, he should get a bonus of 10% for his exceptional acts of kindness in the second half of the program.

Sometimes I wish life worked like that.  You should get bonus points for being nice when you’re tired or grumpy or hungry.  You should get double bonus points when you’re hungry.  But I’m also really glad that I don’t get points deducted every time I’m mean or rude or a bump on a log.  Anyway, dinner!

photo by Randy Mayor (via

Sometimes our version of recipes ends up looking pretty different from the cookbook picture, but not this time.  It was an exact replica except for the cabbage.  We couldn’t for the life of us get a full cabbage leaf to separate from the parent cabbage in one piece.  Oh well.  It worked out really well with our chunks-o’-cabbage leaves.  I think the cabbage to meat ratio was a lot better with lots of little pieces instead of one large “cabbage cup.”  Double the cabbage, double the fun.  (How many times can I say “cabbage” in one paragraph?)

I also finished Insurgent last night.  It’s nice to read books written for the “young adult” crowd.  Nothing boosts your reading confidence like finishing two books in a week.  (They’re also a really fun read.)  I’m headed into the final book of the trilogy today.  I almost don’t want to read it for a few days though.  The characters have been in the middle of so much turmoil over the first two books, and the first chapter of the third book finds them in a relatively calm spot.  I kind of want to leave them there for long enough to recover.  Too bad it doesn’t work like that.

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