Perfect Snow Day (and the food that goes with it)

I haven’t been posting about food much lately, mostly because of that silly flu bug that got me.  Food just isn’t as exciting when you’re A) not eating or B) barely making it through the work day.  But thanks to today’s magically beautiful snow day, I found some love for food again.  

First, I’ll show you a little piece of the pretty stuff:


We got so much snow that everything was totally blanketed.  Even the vertical parts of trees started to accumulate some sticky snow.  I loved every second of it.  I loved it when we took a walk down our road and watched Peanut stumble through the snow as best he could.  (I tried to capture that on video, but the results weren’t as good as the real deal.  I’ll let you imagine it.)  I loved feeling like we were living in a snow globe all day long.  I loved that Scott put my boots by the wood stove to dry them off, and they were warm and toasty when I put them back on.

And I loved the food.  We had leftovers for lunch–baked sausage with apples and potatoes from Dinner: A Love Story.  It was a good recipe the first night we ate it, but it was even better the second time.  The flavors blended together better the second time, and everything was just right.  


Then for dinner, we’re going for The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast.  The two recipes have a lot in common.  The chopping in each is minimal, which means little active prep time.  And they’re both a combo of onions, veggie (or apple), and meat that bakes for a good while.  The pot roast cooks for a really good while, so it’s the perfect recipe for a cold day at home.  Waiting 3-5 hours for dinner on a normal Thursday could end in tragedy, but not tonight.  Tonight, there’s snow globe bliss to tide us over until dinner time.

photo by Ree Drummond

But what really makes these two recipes ideal for a cold winter day?  Well, I already mentioned that they cook for a long time.  That typically makes me happy because it allows me to clean up the kitchen before dinner even happens.  Today, I like the recipes because they make the entire house smell like roasting meat and things.  It’s kind of the icing on top of a great day.

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