Home Ham Sammich

Sunday was a beautiful day.  It included sunshine, a nap, and not one but two football game outcomes that I liked (Go Broncos/Seahawks!).  It also included a DVR recording of Masterpiece Classic, which I just got to watch.  I could get used to this Monday off thing.

But let’s get back to yesterday.  Scott and I had a dinner plan all laid out (more on that some other time) and a fridge that was pretty much empty.  Enter the best suggestion of the week.  Scott said, “How about some homemade egg McMuffins?”  Since that’s the one McDonald’s item that I truly love, I was sold.  Something about that English muffin and the eggs and ham and cheese is just wonderful.  Not even the fast food part of it can ruin the tastiness.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Scott made it better.  Here’s the quick and dirty “how to”: 

  1. Put an English muffin (split in half) in the toaster oven or regular oven with a slice of ham on top of one half and a slice of cheese on the other half.

  2. Fry one egg per sammich.

  3. Add condiments to sandwich.  I picked Dijon mustard.  Scott picked none.  

  4. Throw a little bit of dried dill in the middle for good measure.  (That was Scott’s second genius suggestion.)

I know that anyone can throw together a good egg sandwich.  It isn’t a masterpiece of culinary skill.  But sometimes I forget the simple options.  All we needed to buy was English muffins, and everything else was in almost empty the fridge.  I love things that help us clean out the fridge, especially when they turn into a perfect ham sammich.  

photo from Pinterest.com (and ultimately from A&E)

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