Rejected Christmas Card Picture Time

Scott and I finally got our Christmas card together last night. Whew. Between trying to find a good deal and picking something we both like, I was about to throw in the towel for the year. Admittedly, I hadn’t tried all that hard.

We did finally pick a design, and then we got down to the question of which picture to use. My favorite picture didn’t make the cut because you can’t see much in the line of faces. Except for Peanut’s face. He’s lookin’ pretty good in this picture. Lucky for you, that means I can post the cute to the blog now. See for yourself:

I like the sunshine. I like that we’re doing normal things like being ridiculous with our dog. I like that this is our real life (with 2 minutes of time spent on my hair instead of 30 seconds, so minorly fancied up real life).

Pre-merry Christmas, and I hope you like our rejects. I do.

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