Friday Night Confession Time

You know that big social event I said I was going to tonight? Well, it’s 7:07, and that’s not happening.

It was a long week. A week full of everything but sleep. I was standing up from 9 AM to 5:30 PM today (with the exception of my lunch break) after waking up at 5 AM. Not my ideal day. By the end of the day, I was making sentences that shouldn’t really be sentences. I got my point across, but it wasn’t pretty.

So when I got home, the idea of keeping my shoes on and heading out again in an hour didn’t seem to make sense. Instead, I decided that pajamas were the only right answer. At 5:39 I had my pajamas on and had completely called the day. It was beautiful. (Look at that–from not pretty to beautiful in one paragraph.)

What other wonders has this night included? I’ll count the awesome things that are making up for the long day:

1. The fact that pajamas are the most comfortable clothes in the world.
2. Fuzzy striped socks that make up for their cartoon looks with all of that fuzz.
3. An equally fuzzy dog with his head resting on my legs.
p and wine
4. A delicious glass of wine.
5. The smell of frozen pizza heating up in the oven.
6. The upcoming taste of that pizza.
7. A chance to watch The Sound of Music after a failed attempt last night.
8. My very own baked goods (thanks to the baked food swap at the party I was supposed to attend).

food and present
9. My very own white elephant gift from the same party prep. I really like it a lot. I was willing to give it away because everyone in my family thinks it’s a hideous glass, but I’m kind of attached to it. It’s nice to like your white elephant gift.

How much better does it get than all of that put together?

And on a totally random note, Scott made me shrimp fried rice last night. It was very good, but we realized right before we served it up that we didn’t have any soy sauce. Oh no! I found this recipe for replacement soy sauce online, and it actually worked. Note that it was tasty in a recipe that has lots of other flavor. Not sure how similar it tastes to soy sauce all by itself.

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