My Own Italian Pub

Okay, we don’t actually have an Italian pub.  We do, however have lots of Giada cookbooks.  One of those cookbooks includes this recipe for Mini Italian Pub Burgers.  Thanks to Giada and that recipe, it felt like we were eating in our own (albeit messy) pub last night.

To some extent, a burger is a burger.  There’s meat and bread, and sometimes there’s cheese and whatever other toppings interest you.  These burgers are definitely a step up though.  With the very Italian seasonings in the burger patty and the fresh basil on top, it tastes just a little fancy.  The ciabatta doesn’t hurt.  

photo from Giada’s website

We added a few different things to our burgers, too.  Scott used spicy ketchup (mmm) and kalamata olive slices on his burger.  I went with dijon mustard and olives.  And plenty of that fresh basil for both.  It got close to freezing last night, and we weren’t sure if our basil would make it through the night, so I didn’t feel bad about eating all I wanted.  It was darn good.  Then we brought the potted basil inside.  I still didn’t feel bad about eating lots of basil though.

[In other news, today will hopefully include painting the last coat of paint on the cabinet bases in our kitchen.  Stuff might actually go back into our kitchen cabinets tomorrow.  Yay!  It’s nice to be healthy and walk down the hall every time I need a pot or a spoon or a glass, but it’s not that nice.]

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