(Favorite) Texas Sheet Cake

I’ve done a variety of things today that weren’t super fun.  And how will I make myself feel better?  By making my very favorite (at this exact moment) dessert and pretending it’s a kindness for the people around me.  

photo by Francesco Tonelli

Sure, I am going to give half of the cake to neighbors as a “Thanks for welcoming us to the neighborhood” gesture.  And I’m going to enjoy the other half with Scott and some of our family members who are visiting tomorrow night and Saturday morning.

I’m really making it for me though.  It’s delicious.  It’s sweet and chocolate and crunchy and special.  I can’t pinpoint what it is that makes it special exactly, although I would guess it’s the cinnamon, if I were a betting woman.  All I know is that it inspired me to write “Delicious!” in my cookbook, and I don’t enjoy writing in books for the most part.  I couldn’t risk forgetting how much I like this recipe.

Please make it, I’m begging you: delicious recipe.

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