Okay, here was the original “before” picture of our bedroom, complete with yellow paint:


And here is the new wall color:


Personally, I’m a pretty big fan.  There are still some other things to do in the room (switch the fan blades from the wood grain side to the white side, put up our curtains, etc.), but the wall color is done.  I really do love it.  The dark, grey-ish green is calming, and I think it adds an earthy flair to the fancy bedroom furniture.  The painting at the end was kind of a battle though.

One can of paint ended up being exactly enough to cover our bedroom in two coats of paint.  By the third and fourth walls of the second coat, I was really just doing damage control, trying to cover spots where the yellow paint was showing.

It worked.  Whew.

Now it’s on to a second “after.”

After I found at least a dozen ticks on Peanut.  We’re not sure what they were, actually.  They were attached like ticks to the edge of his ear, but they were a light color.  Anyway, I looked at the edge of his ear after I felt something, expecting to find a tick or two.  They were all lined up next to each other, crammed onto his adorable little ear.


Look at those ears.  That was a few minutes before the fated ear bug finding.

This isn’t a flattering thing to admit, but I’ve been going a little crazy since that moment.  Scott did a full tick check on Peanut, and we found one or two others that looked more like normal ticks.  They’re all hanging out in a jar of rubbing alcohol now, where they will supposedly drown.  I also checked around Peanut’s bed, finding at least 6 more ticks.  And I checked the floor around the couch, finding a few more.  Every time Scott got off the couch last night, there were a few little ticks hanging out on him (not attached yet).  They’re tiny little things, probably young ticks.

I’m having trouble handling the gross little suckers.  I kept waking up last night, imagining ticks all over my body.  I don’t really want to sit on our couch anymore or even pet Peanut.  Our cute Peanut, who I normally love petting.

Hopefully the effects of the tick situation don’t last much longer.  I don’t want to live life in the country constantly afraid of tick infestation.  But for now, I’ve got my tweezers and my tick jar at the ready.

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