Playing with Pictures

Today was full of lots of normal stuff–grocery store, cleaning, smelly trash.  Just life.

In fact, tomorrow will likely be filled with a project made possible by today’s errand adventures.  Turns out that bad, horrible, moldy things happen if you turn off a fridge and leave the doors closed.  We didn’t know that, and there’s a spare fridge downstairs.  To be good stewards of electricity, we turned it off when we moved in.  Smart, right?  Except that now there are inches (thick) of black, fuzzy mold all over the inside of said fridge and freezer.  Ew.  I’ll let you know if my home remedy does the trick tomorrow.

But tonight is right up my alley.  Tonight includes laying out pictures around the house, figuring out which pictures are right for which rooms.  And to take the fun up a notch from the norm, there are already dozens of holes in the wall.  The last owner didn’t bother to take nails out of the walls or patch the holes.  Which means that if I put one or two pictures in the wrong spot initially, it’s not a big deal.


Some paintings were easy to place.  That painting (yep, the one right up there) is one of my favorites, and it will probably stay above the mantel where it has lived since it came to our house.  Between the little white farmhouse, the fields, the mountains, and the fall leaves, it covers lots of Scott’s and my “favorite things” categories.  Not many paintings appeal equally to the male and female halves of our team, which makes this painting a double winner.

Others are proving more of a challenge, but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.  “After all, tomorrow is another day.”  (Thanks for those often-appropriate words, Ms. O’Hara-Hamilton-Kennedy-Butler.)

P.S.  This post and the internet are working together to not work together.  If that makes any sense.  I apologize if I end up posting the same thing dozens of times.  One apology per repeat post!

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