Online Shopping: Rolly Cart

I might have gone online to check out how expensive an extra bookcase would be.  Not that we’re in the market, just out of idle curiosity.  And I saw how many books don’t fit on our current shelves in the brutal light of day, and idle curiosity didn’t seem quite so idle.

And you know what I found that I like more than anything else?  This random kitchen cart:


It’s not quite the perfect budget-friendly bookcase I thought I would find and daydream about, but I like it more than anything else I saw.  I like its practical taking-things-places nature.  I like that it’s a tiny bit industrial looking, while also being a touch girly with the beautiful blue-green color.  

Do we need it?  Absolutely not.  It would hold approximately 20 books, but it would sure be cute by our someday kitchen island.  So with absolutely nothing gained except for the vision of something nice, I’m getting back to the task at hand.  (Ah, pointless online shopping.)  

I think I’m going to find a creative way of stacking the books without shelves.  And I’m going to figure out what to do with the giant box of kitchen gadgets that don’t have anywhere to go.  And then I’m making peach crisp, because once a month isn’t enough for perfect peach crisp. 

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