Beef with Snow Peas (and Moving Madness!)

We’re moving today!  Yay!!!  And tonight will probably include eating out (again–yay!!!).  But on Saturday night, I was on top of my game, and Scott and I made beef with snow peas, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

photo by Ree Drummond
photo by Ree Drummond

I could ooh and aah about how delicious this was, but please just take my word for it.  You want to try this.  To add a non-traditional but healthy twist, we ate it with quinoa.  And to add a budget-friendly twist, we used London broil instead of flank steak.

We were standing there in the grocery store, kind of sad that flank steak is so expensive, wishing it came in less than 2.5-pound slabs (when we only needed 1.5 pounds), when Scott decided we could improvise.  The London broil might have changed our experience with this recipe a little bit, but if it was still delicious and about $8 less expensive, I say it was a win.

I love using Pioneer Woman recipes.  I make plenty of dinner flops, but not a single one of them has come from her recipes.  Thanks, PDubs.

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